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HW-KARA-V is a half wig that features tight curl all around the perimeter. Vivica’s half wig has secure combs inside of the cap in the front and the back to prevent it from moving, and also the adjustable strap allows you to control the comfort level just right for you. HW-KARA-V has tight spiral curls with layers in them which you can wear it as is or braid them to create your own trendy style. Its tight curl also blends easily with your natural hair type in order to make your look even more natural than ever. Security, comfort, and beautiful and natural style are all in this one piece.
• Synthetic High Heat Resistant Fiber
• 3/4 Wig with Secure Combs in the Front and the Back with Adjustable Strap for Total Comfort
• 18 Inch Layered Tight Spiral Curl

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FS1B/30, 1B, 4


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